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Flexilight Pals Rechargeable Book Light (Fox)


Our Flexilight Rechargeable provides 20 lumens of warm light, via 2 energy efficient LEDs, making it one of the most powerful and safest booklights on the market. With 2 brightness levels, once fully charged, the light lasts for at least 12 hours. It provides a broad field of light that is clear, consistent and easy on the eyes, and is built for large pages and areas that need plenty of light.

Why your customers will love them:

- Lightweight: the flexilight is flexible and positionable, able to bend forwards at any angle, so you can position the quality LED anywhere you want it. Ready to save your page straight out of the box. 
- Stylish bookmark - this booklight is so thin that when you're done reading just pop it into your book and use it as a bookmark.
- Bedtime readers – perfect for reading snugs and bedtime stories. The ultra bright permanent LEDs light help you and the kids enjoy night-time reading in a cosy environment.

Product size: 3.6 cm x 1.3 cm x 14.7 cm / 1.4'' x 0.51'' x 5.8''

Read the instruction manual here