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Flexilight Original Book Light (Poo)


Flexilight is our flagship booklight. Over a million pieces sold worldwide, with sales continually increasing to make this one of our continuing best-sellers. it is without doubt the world's thinnest and most versatile booklight, so slender it doubles as bookmark.

Here is why you will love it: 

- Lightweight: the flexilight is flexible and positionable, able to bend forwards at any angle, so you can position the quality led (and its whopping 8 lumens of light) anywhere you want it. Ready to save your page straight out of the box. Batteries included.
- Stylish bookmark - this booklight is so thin that when you're done reading just pop it into your book and use it as a bookmark. Though it's slender you can't miss it, with those stripy, dotty, flowery, and wordy designs. Save your page with over 19 designs to choose from.
- Bedtime readers – perfect for reading snugs and bedtime stories. The ultra bright permanent led light helps you and the kids enjoy night-time reading in a cosy environment.
- Giftware association gift of the year – chosen for its innovative design and versatility, this is the perfect christmas or birthday gift!
- Sleek & powerful – 14cm x 3cm in size, 8 lumens of powerful led light, 2 high quality cr2016 batteries included, 20+ fun & stylish designs.

Pack size per SKU = 6 pcs
Product size: 3 cm x 1 cm x 14.1 cm / 1.18'' x 0.39'' x 5.55''
In packaging size: 3.6 cm x 1.6 cm x 18 cm / 1.41'' x 0.63'' x 8.85''
Acrylic Display (accommodates 30 pcs): 16.5 cm x 9 cm x 18 cm / 6.49'' x 3.54'' x 7.08''
Compact Display (accommodates 12 pcs): 18 cm x 20 cm x 10cm / 7.08" x 7.87" x 3.93" 

RRP: £8.99/€10.99/$11.99