Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Say a big thanks to your mum this Mother’s Day for all the delicious meals, free taxi rides and well, raising such an awesome human being, by treating her to one of these gorgeous gifts.

Book Couch

If your mum is a keen reader she’s going to adore our Book Couch. Available in bright blue, red and grey, and made from a soft crystal vela material, this’ll make your mum’s well-deserved nights in even more relaxing.

Perfect for propping up a book while reading in bed or on the sofa, this lovely bookholder should be on every Mother’s Day gift guide.

Shop here

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Thinking Gifts – Check Out Our Latest Releases!

With the start of Spring comes a whole bundle of new products that we just know you’re going to love. From our brand new book holders designed to transform your reading experience, to our cute and quirky desk and phone accessories; you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing perfect payday treat.

Erasable Pen Bookmark

Shortlisted for the Gift of the Year Award, the Erasable Pen Bookmark looks set to be one of our bestsellers. This multifunctional bookmark is both an erasable pen and a bookmark all in one – perfect if you’re a note taker or constantly misplacing your pens!

Available in blue, red and yellow this adorable little Pen Bookmark is available to shop right here.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

There’s 2 types of people in the world; those who love Valentine’s Day, and those who loathe it. If you’re the latter, feel free to read one of our other perhaps less rage-inducing blog posts. If you’re the former then what are you waiting for? There’s not long left to buy that special someone a special something.

Hot Lips Book Couch

The Hot Lips Book Couch is our top gift for Valentine’s Day. This book holder is sensual, romantic and the perfect way to tell your special someone that you love them, and support them…and their reading addiction.

This book can be used in the kitchen as a cookery book holder so it’s great for aspiring chefs, or it’s equally suited for use on your lap while you read or scroll on your tablet.

Shop the Hot Lips Book Couch.

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6 of the Best Books for Beating the January Blues

There’s no denying that once our New Year’s motivation has worn off, January is a pretty grim month. If you’re one of those people who finds January just gets to you, you’ve come to the right place.

From self help books designed to reduce anxiety and incite gratitude, to works of fiction that will have the outside world feeling a distant memory, here’s 6 of the best books for beating the January blues.

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Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts Under £10

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year, and you’re already feeling the pinch, you might be thinking about cutting down on extravagant gifts.

Our budget-friendly gifts are under £10 and perfect for stocking fillers, Secret Santas, or those who you feel you should buy for without really knowing why. And our £10 gifts aren’t just gifts-for-the-sake-of-giving. These are some of our best selling products and are bound to bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient.

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Bookholders: Why They’re the Perfect Gift for Grandparents

In our opinion, there’s few family members more difficult to buy for than grandparents. There’s only so many bars of soap and pairs of socks your Nan and Grandad can fit in their home, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who come a little unstuck when it comes to present shopping for the elderly.

Of course, most grandparents are eternally grateful for whatever you buy them, but while yes, the thought does count, it’s nice every now and then to get them something that a) they’ll actually use, and b) doesn’t smell like lavender.

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