Bookholders: Why They’re the Perfect Gift for Grandparents

In our opinion, there’s few family members more difficult to buy for than grandparents. There’s only so many bars of soap and pairs of socks your Nan and Grandad can fit in their home, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who come a little unstuck when it comes to present shopping for the elderly.

Of course, most grandparents are eternally grateful for whatever you buy them, but while yes, the thought does count, it’s nice every now and then to get them something that a) they’ll actually use, and b) doesn’t smell like lavender.

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6 Gifts Every Bookworm will Love

Us bookworms are very easy to please. Give us a cosy corner, some soft lighting and a great novel, and we’ll be happy for hours. While being this low maintenance does have its perks, trying to buy gifts for the ever-satisfied bookworm can be a serious struggle – as they’ve probably read all the books already!

Whether it’s a family member who constantly has their nose in a book, or a friend who’s heading out to a different book club every week, take a look at these 6 gifts that every bookworm will love.

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Stuck for Stocking Fillers? Check Out our Top Picks

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who still expect a stocking from Santa come Christmas morning, but it seems we’ve now reached that somewhat upsetting milestone where, instead of receiving a stocking, we’re in charge of filling them.

Stocking filling is no easy task. In fact, we’re not sure we gave our parents quite enough credit. Being able to strike the right balance of small-but-not-too-small while also emerging from the Christmas period without crippling debt is an achievement that should be celebrated, and Thinking Gifts is going to make your stocking filling stress-free.

So whether you’re creating an entire stocking for the kids or you want to give your partner a few little presents to open on the big day, here’s some of our best selling stocking fillers.

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Improving your Child’s Reading Posture – How and Why?

Whether your child is using a book or an eReader, in bed or on the sofa, reading aloud or in their head, proper posture is important. 

Encouraging good posture while your kids read will stop them from straining their back and neck, and promote proper muscular development. Good posture also enhances concentration, which means more quiet time for the parents! 

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7 Ways to Get Your Kids Reading this Autumn

The school year is well and truly underway, and if your child is as likely to pick up a book as they are to voluntarily organise a trip to the dentist, you’re in for a tricky first term.

But getting kids reading doesn’t have to be difficult. Try these simple and time-tested strategies to get your child engaged and excited about reading. 

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