Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

There’s 2 types of people in the world; those who love Valentine’s Day, and those who loathe it. If you’re the latter, feel free to read one of our other perhaps less rage-inducing blog posts. If you’re the former then what are you waiting for? There’s not long left to buy that special someone a special something.

Hot Lips Book Couch

The Hot Lips Book Couch is our top gift for Valentine’s Day. This book holder is sensual, romantic and the perfect way to tell your special someone that you love them, and support them…and their reading addiction.

This book can be used in the kitchen as a cookery book holder so it’s great for aspiring chefs, or it’s equally suited for use on your lap while you read or scroll on your tablet.

Shop the Hot Lips Book Couch.

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