4 of the Best Videos to Get you Inspired on the Go

Sat on the train on a Monday morning feeling just a little bit bleurgh? Grab one of our awesome Flexi-Stands to prop up your phone, stick on one of these videos, then sit back and dive into the world of motivational speeches – your Monday’s about to get a whole lot better.  

These 3 Sentences will Change your Life

At just 8 minutes long, this video is perfect for shorter commutes or bus journeys. This powerful speech, delivered by Lisa Nichols, focuses on her own struggles, and how she overcame them with just 3 simple sentences.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut work-wise or you’re going through a tough time, this video will give you the get up and go you need to start making a change. 

How to Speak so that People want to Listen

If you’re permanently being talked over in meetings, or you feel as though no one in your family listens to you…ever, this video will have you going about your day with your head held just a little bit higher.

Julian Treasure demonstrates some useful exercises to help us speak up, without dominating the conversation. Learn how to speak with empathy, listen and understand, while developing a sunny demeanour that people will be instantly drawn to.  

Retrain your Mind

Constantly setting yourselves goals only to fall short every time? This video by Be Inspired encourages us to take charge of our minds, and tells us that we don’t need to wait for motivation or inspiration to strike before making a change. 

It’s not the cleverest people who become successful, it’s those who put a little bit of time everyday towards achieving their goals. So if you’re bored of dreaming about your best life, put a plan into action. This 10 minute video will have you breaking the habits that hold you back. 

How to be Happy Every Day: It will Change the World

In this 15 minute speech, Jacqueline Way shares a secret to happiness, it’s so easy even children can do it! Learn how your body is hard wired for giving, and how being kind to others might just be the key to happiness. 

While you might not fancy making kindness your priority before you’ve even finished your morning coffee, there is a whole load of science to back Jacqueline’s speech! The best thing is that being kind and empathetic isn’t just scientifically proven to improve your day, it’ll improve the days of those around you too – which we should all be grateful for on a Monday!