6 of the Best Books for Beating the January Blues

There’s no denying that once our New Year’s motivation has worn off, January is a pretty grim month. If you’re one of those people who finds January just gets to you, you’ve come to the right place.

From self help books designed to reduce anxiety and incite gratitude, to works of fiction that will have the outside world feeling a distant memory, here’s 6 of the best books for beating the January blues.

Happy by Fearne Cotton

If life feels as though it’s moving a little too fast and your brain can’t keep up, Happy should be on your bookshelf.

Drawing on her own experiences with depression and anxiety, Fearne offers practical advice on how to find the positive in the everyday.

As well as stories from Fearne’s life, there’s creative exercises, advice, tips, tricks and meditations to help you get through those difficult months.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight

This fantastic book encourages you to get rid of unwanted obligations, shame, and guilt – something many of us are all too familiar with!

With practical tips and advice from the ever-witty Sarah Knight, this book isn’t for the most sensitive of souls. However, it does help you put your thoughts and actions into perspective.

If you’ve ever found yourself worrying about the number of likes your latest Instagram pic received, this book is for you. Mental decluttering will make space in your mind, allowing you to spend your time, energy and money on what really matters.

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

We mean as little offence to Sophie Kinsella as possible when we say that sometimes you just want to read a book you don’t really have to think about. This book is a fun, feel good story without a complex plot to get your head around. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Yes, it’s the perfect beach read, but it’s also the perfect it’s-raining-again-and-I-just-need-something-to-take-my-mind-off-the-fact-that-it’s-Sunday-night read.

The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

We’ve read the Harry Potter books so many times, they’re starting to feel like old friends. If you’re craving a little childhood nostalgia, this should be your go-to read this January.

With a mammoth 4,224 pages in total, you might be hard pushed to get through the entire series in a month. But if you fancy a hug in the form of some well read pages and stories from the school you know you really should have been invited to, you better get cracking.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

If in doubt, do as the Danish do. As one of the happiest nations in the world, there’s a lot we can learn from the Danes, and Hygge is widely regarded as the magic ingredient.

This lovely little book dives deep into what Hygge actually is, and offers the perfect winter read – especially if you’re feeling a little blue. With an emphasis on cosiness, treating yourself and finding the good in the everyday, if there’s one book that’ll turn your January around, it’s this one!

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

This book will have you laughing, crying and every -ing in between! Written by journalist and podcaster, Dolly Alderton, this book tells of the trials and triumphs of being a young woman in your 20s. If your January blues manifest in the form of feeling everyone but you has their life together, this book will become your new best friend.