7 Ways to Get Your Kids Reading this Autumn

The school year is well and truly underway, and if your child is as likely to pick up a book as they are to voluntarily organise a trip to the dentist, you’re in for a tricky first term.

But getting kids reading doesn’t have to be difficult. Try these simple and time-tested strategies to get your child engaged and excited about reading. 

Let them Choose their Own Books

You might love Pride and Prejudice, but that doesn’t mean your 6 year old will! If the book is too difficult to read, you’ll find it hard to motivate them – no matter how engaging the story. 

Allow your child to choose what they read (within reason) to give them more control and make it feel less like something you are ‘making’ them do. 

Use a Variety of Materials

Make reading a fun part of your child’s day. This means allowing them to read menus, road signs, instructions for new toys and other information they come across. 

Bake a cake and have them read the recipe out loud to you. They’ll be more motivated if there’s the possibility of a sweet treat at the end – although we’d recommend double checking the quantities before it goes in the oven! 

Give them their own Space

A quiet, cosy little nook that your child can relax while they read is important. This will help them understand when it’s reading time, and they might even start to enjoy some time to themselves with a good book. If your child loves building forts or dens, help them make their very own fort to relax in, and remember not to enter without a password! 

Our Booklights are perfect for this. With their own light shining directly on their book, your child can go into their own little world. Encourage them to spend time in this space uninterrupted each evening. 

Keep them Comfortable

Lots of kids find reading uncomfortable after even a short period of time. If your child is constantly wriggling, motivation will wane before they’ve even reached ‘Number four, Privet Drive’. 

Our Bookholders will keep your child comfortable while they read. Available in a huge range of fun designs, these prop up your child’s book to help them read in long-lasting comfort. They’ll encourage your child to sit with a straight back and neutral spine which is great for their development. The icing on the cake? Sitting with good posture can actually improve concentration levels! 

Use Unique and Fun Accessories

Fun bookmarks and line markers are another great way to keep them interested. Our line markers double up as bookmarks and allow your child to see the exact line they read last. Choose from Emojis, Flip Flops, Penguins, Butterflies and so much more. 

Why not make it into a fun challenge where your child gets a unique bookmark or reward for every few books they successfully read? 

Utilise Technology

While technology might seem your arch nemesis when it comes to getting your child reading, it can actually be very useful.

Install reading apps or audiobooks to help them engage with books in a way they are familiar with. Use audiobooks when out and about in the car, and encourage them to read the next chapter themselves when they get home. Or, let them spend time on reading apps so it feels more like a game than a chore. 

Lead by Example

Remember, kids are more likely to read if they see those around them doing it. Set aside some time each week for the whole family to sit together and read. If your child sees their parents or even older siblings enjoying reading, they are far more likely to stick with it so they’re not left out.