Bookholders: Why They’re the Perfect Gift for Grandparents

In our opinion, there’s few family members more difficult to buy for than grandparents. There’s only so many bars of soap and pairs of socks your Nan and Grandad can fit in their home, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who come a little unstuck when it comes to present shopping for the elderly.

Of course, most grandparents are eternally grateful for whatever you buy them, but while yes, the thought does count, it’s nice every now and then to get them something that a) they’ll actually use, and b) doesn’t smell like lavender.

If you’re already familiar with Thinking Gifts, you’ll know all about our bookholders. Great for propping up recipe books, improving your posture and encouraging young kids to read, they also make the perfect present for nans and grandads. Here’s why.

Relieves Aches and Pains

Back and neck ache is bad at the best of times, but if you’re over a certain age it can be absolutely debilitating. So whether you’re 9 years old or 90 years old, reading posture is extremely important.

Keeping good posture while you read can prevent aches and pains further down the line, something many elderly people struggle with.

Our bookholders prop up any size of book or eReader so that users can sit up and read with good posture. There’s no need to hunch over your book, as these bookholders hold your book at the perfect height and angle. Simply sit with your back straight and read in comfort.

Encourages the Elderly to Read

Spending a lot of time sitting down can get boring, and many people who lack mobility spend their time reading. But reading for long periods of time can get uncomfortable, whether it’s strained eyes, a sore back or tired arms.

The Thinking Gifts Bookholders encourage reading by keeping you comfortable in front of a book for longer periods of time. Little aches and pains often sneak up on you while you read, which can put many people off, especially those who already struggle with back pain. Our bookholders relieve tired arms and let you read comfortably from any location – whether that’s sat at a table, in bed or lying on the sofa.

Engaging and Nostalgic

Seeing your loved ones smile as they open their gifts on Christmas Day is one of the best things in life (that, and finishing a great book!), and our Bookholders are guaranteed to bring a smile to your Nan or Grandad’s face!

Take our Deckchair Bookchair for example. There’s not many people over the age of 70 who won’t have relaxed on a traditional British Deckchair at some point in their heyday, and if you want to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of grandparents, the Deckchair Bookchair should be on your shopping list.

Bookholders They’ll Love

Deckchair Bookchair

As already mentioned, the Deckchair Bookchair is a firm favourite amongst the elderly. Modelled after the iconic British deckchair, this unique bookholder allows anyone of any age to sit and read in comfort for hours. We have a range of colours available, as well as 2 different sizes. Shop now for just £24.99.

The Book Couch

Super soft and luxurious, the Book Couch is the perfect bookholder for people who like to do their reading in the horizontal position, from the comfort of their beds! Propping up any book with ease, this bookholder can be placed softly on your lap. It comes in bright red or blue. Shop now for £24.99.

The Hold It Bookholder

Designed specifically for those who lack mobility, the Hold It is an award winning bookholder that makes hands free reading effortless.

Whether you’re sitting, standing or lying down, the Hold It can be adjusted up to 140cm with an outward reach of 60cm. Read from any angle and any position, turning the page with just one hand. There’s page holders to keep your book open, and space for a a booklight to make reading in soft light effortless.

At £299.99, it’s not the most budget friendly of Christmas gifts, but a small input from the whole family can have a hugely positive effect on a grandparent’s life.