6 Gifts Every Bookworm will Love

Us bookworms are very easy to please. Give us a cosy corner, some soft lighting and a great novel, and we’ll be happy for hours. While being this low maintenance does have its perks, trying to buy gifts for the ever-satisfied bookworm can be a serious struggle – as they’ve probably read all the books already!

Whether it’s a family member who constantly has their nose in a book, or a friend who’s heading out to a different book club every week, take a look at these 6 gifts that every bookworm will love.

Throne Bookchair

Any great work of fiction deserves it’s own throne to sit on, and the Thinking Gifts Throne Bookchair is a book holder fit only for royalty.

Adjustable to 3 angles to make reading comfortable from any position, this book holder is recommended by physiotherapists and invaluable when it comes to relieving tired arms and preventing back and neck ache.

Whether it’s the latest Stephen King thriller or a well thumbed copy of Pride & Prejudice, this Throne is the regal welcome your most prized books deserve.

Book Couch

If you’re more of a ‘lie upside down across the sofa to read’ person, the Book Couch should be on your list. This plush book holder makes reading comfortable from even the wackiest of positions, whether you’re propped up in bed, lounging on the sofa or sat on a crowded train.

Made from beautifully soft crystal velboa material and able to accommodate most sizes of reading material, this book holder offers luxury like no other. It’s available in bright red or blue.

Flexilight Animal

Reading in soft lighting is the ultimate cosy comfort, but constantly straining your eyes to see those magical sentences can really dampen the mood!

Introducing the Thinking Gifts Flexilight Animal. These awesome little booklights are the ultimate 2 in 1 gift for bookworms., impossible not to fall in love with and available in Cat, Dog or Owl designs. They double up as a fully flexible bookmark and bright LED light, attaching neatly to the top of any book without marking the pages.

Once you’re finished reading for the evening, simply close your book. The Flexilight is just like a normal bookmark – but a whole lot more adorable.

Cliffhanger Bookmark

Reading a great work of fiction is a bit like climbing the world’s tallest peaks. It requires dedication, perseverance, preparation, hard work and great physical fitness. Ok, perhaps not the physical fitness.

And there’s not much more motivational than our Cliffhanger Bookmark. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly read another sentence, this Cliffhanger bookmark will provide that motivational boost you need. Printed with inspiring and motivational quotes, these extraordinary bookmarks will be cherished by anyone who’s still struggling to get through War and Peace, Ulysses or the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Line Markers

When you love reading as much as we do, even missing a line can be catastrophic. Our Line Markers make a great stocking filler, sitting neatly in your book and retaining the last line where you left off – perfect for emergency tea breaks!

These are magnetic so stay secure on the page without damaging your book. They’re available in a range of bright and colourful designs.

Deckchair Bookchair

Finally, we’ve got the Deckchair Bookchair. This colourful British deckchair inspired book holder is one of our best sellers, and for good reason! Propping up your book, tablet or recipe book with ease, this book holder makes reading for hours on end a whole lot more comfortable. The design is beautifully nostalgic and will remind you of sunnier days, plus it’s available in 4 colours and 2 different sizes.