Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts Under £10

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year, and you’re already feeling the pinch, you might be thinking about cutting down on extravagant gifts.

Our budget-friendly gifts are under £10 and perfect for stocking fillers, Secret Santas, or those who you feel you should buy for without really knowing why. And our £10 gifts aren’t just gifts-for-the-sake-of-giving. These are some of our best selling products and are bound to bring a smile to the face of the lucky recipient.


Cheer up a long commute or flight with the Thinking Gifts’ Flexistand. These ultra-thin fully-flexible stands are designed for phones, tablets and eReaders. Simply bend it into shape and prop up your device at any angle, on any flat surface – perfect for watching Netflix, YouTube or reading on the go (and if you’re stuck for video inspo check out this blog post).

Slim, lightweight and small enough to fit in any stocking, these handy little gadgets cost just £7.99.

Shop the Flexistand here.

Food Sticky Notes

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re huge fans of sticky notes. Such fans in fact, that we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to them. We’re proud creators of colourful and playful sticky notes to suit a range of tastes…and tastebuds!

Our food-inspired sticky notes are some of our best sellers. Check out our Fry Notes, Cupcake Notes, Sushi Notes and Popcorn Notes. They’ll help you get your life in order while giving you all the snack-inspo at the same time.

Shop our Sticky Notes here, starting from just £3.99

Fishtales Bookmarks

Those of you who are fan of David Attenborough’s documentaries (so… everyone?) will love our aquatic mammal-inspired bookmarks. These magnificent mammals will adorn your book, keeping your page when you’re finished reading. Choose from an Orca, Whale or Shark!

They’re made from quality ABS plastic and are the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life!

Shop here for just £5.99.


The classic Flexilight makes reading your book or kindle in soft lighting a total breeze. It’s perfect for planes, trains or reading in bed, and is designed for both normal books and eReaders.

The Flexilight doubles up as a bookmark, so you can simply close your book when you’re finished. It can be adjusted to any angle so you can position the light on different areas of the page.

Shop our range of designs and colours. Our Flexilight costs just £8.99.

Puppy Notes

Okay, so our Puppy Notes aren’t technically under £10 – but we think it’s the most adorable desk accessory in the world – so the extra few £s is well worth it.

Whether it’s a Secret Santa present for a colleague or a little something to cheer up a friend’s desk, these Puppy Notes will have everyone within a 10 mile radius smiling. Offering a bone shaped sticky notepad in his mouth, there’s no excuse for poor organisation with this canine desk accessory. It comes packaged in its own kennel and even makes a great glasses holder!

Get this little bundle of joy for £14.99. Shop here.

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