Improving your Child’s Reading Posture – How and Why?

Whether your child is using a book or an eReader, in bed or on the sofa, reading aloud or in their head, proper posture is important. 

Encouraging good posture while your kids read will stop them from straining their back and neck, and promote proper muscular development. Good posture also enhances concentration, which means more quiet time for the parents! 

What is Good Reading Posture?

Good reading posture looks the same for both adults and kids. Your back should be straight, spine neutral, knees at a right angle, feet flat and legs uncrossed. Your book should be at eye level to avoid you folding your neck downwards and hunching your shoulders. While curling up on the sofa with your book is tempting and might feel very comfortable, it’s not particularly good for your body if done for a long period of time. 

Here’s our top tips for getting your kids sitting properly while they read. 

Make it Fun!

As with most things when it comes to kids, you’re likely to have far more success if you make it fun! Our Bookmonsters are specifically designed to help kids with their reading posture, propping up their book so they can sit and read with a straight back and neutral spine. Kids of all ages will love their fun monster design. 

Our Bookmonsters Deluxe have two zips at the front and back for storing your child’s books and knick knacks, as well as a carry handle.

Encourage them to Stretch

While it can be tempting as a parent to let your child continue reading for long periods of time, it’s best to encourage them to stretch regularly. Remind them to take breaks every 30 minutes to move their body, get some fresh air and have a little stretch.

Have their Eyesight Checked

If you notice your child is slouching or straining their neck to get closer to their book, it’s worth getting their eyesight checked. Proper reading posture requires having the book at eye level, and teach them to hold the book close enough so that they don’t have to strain their eyes.

Our Flexilights are great for both kids and adults who don’t want to have to hold the book 5 inches from their face to be able to read it! They clip neatly onto your child’s book and illuminate the page they are on, allowing your child to sit and read with the book at a comfortable distance without straining their eyes. 

Choose from a huge range of colourful designs and patterns, the adorable animal models are perfect for kids. 

Lead by Example

Demonstrate good posture as much as you can, as younger children generally learn best by watching others. If your own posture is poor your child may follow! Don’t work at your laptop while sat on the sofa, and try to sit with your shoulders back and chin up as much as you can. 

Not only will this encourage your child to sit properly, you’ll also be doing your own body a favour!