Proper Reading Posture – Why it Matters

While getting lost in a book is a great way to spend an afternoon, the back ache that follows is not quite so appealing. Proper reading posture is more important than most people realise, and if you’re regularly working your way through the classics with little thought to your body, you could end up with neck, back and shoulder pain later on.

Adopting good posture will also improve concentration and allow you to read for longer. You’ll be able to sit for longer periods of time, and won’t be thrust back into reality with a niggle in your back just before you reach the big reveal! 

Keep your Back Straight

Hunching forward will almost certainly lead to back and neck pain, as well as stiffness at the end of the day. Just as we’re encouraged to sit at our desks with a straight back, we also should during our down time. 

Keep your back straight and parallel against the back of your chair while you are reading. This will keep your spine aligned and help improve your focus.

Our book holders are specifically designed to improve your posture; propping up your book so you can sit comfortably on any sofa, chair or even in bed, with a straight back. 

Keep your Spine Neutral

Not only should your back be straight, your spine should be neutral if you’re staying in the same place for a long period of time. This is hugely important both when we sleep (which is why we have pillows!) and also when we read. 

To keep your spine neutral, your head should be in line with your back. This means your chin shouldn’t be folded forward nor your head resting backwards. 

Eyes Straight Ahead

Many people who struggle with their eyesight slouch forward to get closer to the book. Instead, the book should be brought closer to your eyes so that your spine stays aligned. If you struggle with your eyesight, our booklights are perfect.

They clip onto the top of your book and allow you to keep your head straight and at a comfortable distance from your book, while the range of fun designs make them the perfect gift for bookworms! 

Prop your Feet Up

Anyone who’s ever been on a transatlantic flight, or in fact any flight, will know that having your feet flat on the floor in front of you isn’t comfortable for long. It’s much easier to relax and keep comfortable when your feet are propped up.

Prop your feet up on a foot stool, a coffee table, even a couple of cushions! Having your feet up like this will improve blood flow and allow your entire body to relax. 

Take Regular Breaks

No matter how invested you are in the latest psychological thriller, taking regular breaks is important. These allow you to reset, move your body and prevent any stiffness. 

So make a coffee, shake a leg or do a couple of stretches. Regular breaks when you’re seriously invested in a book will make returning to it even more exciting. 

Reading Posture for Kids

It’s not just adults who need to practise proper posture while they read. Kids should sit properly to encourage good development and stop them from getting sore. We have a range of fun accessories that the kids will love, designed to get them sitting properly while they read. Take a look at our cute and colourful Bookmonsters or our quick tips for improving your child’s reading posture.