Stuck for Stocking Fillers? Check Out our Top Picks

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who still expect a stocking from Santa come Christmas morning, but it seems we’ve now reached that somewhat upsetting milestone where, instead of receiving a stocking, we’re in charge of filling them.

Stocking filling is no easy task. In fact, we’re not sure we gave our parents quite enough credit. Being able to strike the right balance of small-but-not-too-small while also emerging from the Christmas period without crippling debt is an achievement that should be celebrated, and Thinking Gifts is going to make your stocking filling stress-free.

So whether you’re creating an entire stocking for the kids or you want to give your partner a few little presents to open on the big day, here’s some of our best selling stocking fillers.

Unique Stationery

There’s not much that’ll cheer up a Monday in January back at work or school more than some cute stationery. And we’re firm believers that good stationery can have a positive impact on not just your day, but your entire life, which is why it’s top of our list when it comes to stocking fillers.

Introducing the Mary Poppins’ Bag of stationery, The Notester. This little gadget has so many uses we’re convinced it might actually make toast (although we wouldn’t recommend trying).

This adorable little desk accessory will become a most prized possession in no time at all. With magnetic sides for paper clips, a built in sharpener and sliding tray, a smartphone charging area and not one, but two pads of sticky notes, this is the desk accessory any stationery (or toast!) lover needs.

Speaking of Sticky Notes, our food-inspired notes look good enough to eat – although again, we wouldn’t recommend doing this. our Popcorn Notes, Cupcake Notes and Fry Notes are best sellers for a reason, or our Cheezy Notes are for those who like the finer things in life!


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a book when the weather is terrible, but with it now getting dark around 2pm (thanks winter), we need all the help we can get when it comes to lighting.

Our Booklights will help you read your book or eReader in softer lighting, without disturbing anyone else around you. Perfect for kids sharing a room or couples, these illuminate your book beautifully and double up as a cute and colourful bookmark. The Flexilight Animals are some of our best sellers and perfect for stockings – choose from a Dog, Cat or Owl.


If you’ve been trying to get your kids reading but to no avail, some strategic stocking filling is required.

Our Bookmarks from Outer Space are, quite literally, out of this world. Designed to clip onto the page of a book and hover above it, your child will love these little spaceships and, dare we say it, won’t want to stop reading!

Older kids and adults will love the Fishtales Bookmarks. These magnificent sculpted aquatic mammals will adorn your book and keep your page at the same time. The terrifying shark fin is for the bravest of the brave, or we’ve got a graceful Humpback whale tail.


Small hands keeping control of a big book will get difficult quickly, and the Booktopus is the extra pair of hands your child needs.

The Booktopus keeps the pages open while your child reads, and is small enough to carry around in a schoolbag. They can be used during lessons or homework time to hold open textbooks. Made from high quality metal and cleverly crafted to not leave any marks in the book, the Booktopus is the one of the most useful (and adorable) reading companions around.