Thinking Gifts – Check Out Our Latest Releases!

With the start of Spring comes a whole bundle of new products that we just know you’re going to love. From our brand new book holders designed to transform your reading experience, to our cute and quirky desk and phone accessories; you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing perfect payday treat.

Erasable Pen Bookmark

Shortlisted for the Gift of the Year Award, the Erasable Pen Bookmark looks set to be one of our bestsellers. This multifunctional bookmark is both an erasable pen and a bookmark all in one – perfect if you’re a note taker or constantly misplacing your pens!

Available in blue, red and yellow this adorable little Pen Bookmark is available to shop right here.


These adorable little pets hold all brands of smartphones; so you watch movies, read or scroll in comfort both at home and on the go. They can prop up e-Readers and small tablets, helping to prevent that niggling neck pain that comes from too much technology!

Perfect for kids and adults alike. Shop here.

Sloth Book Couch

A rainy day (which we’ve had a lot of!) is the perfect time for settling down, relaxing with a book – and doing very little else! If a sloth is your spirit animal, the Sloth Book Couch is your perfect bookholder. The Sloth Book Couch is beautifully made, sitting comfortably on your lap or table while you read. Of course, in true sloth-style, it’s best utilised from the comfort of the horizontal position.

Shop our adorable Sloth Book Couch right here.

Diner Book Couch

Fans of 1950’s American diners will adore our new Bookcouch. Useful as a cookery book holder or comfortable resting on your lap or tummy in bed or on the sofa, this brand new Book Couch is quirky and fun, whether you’re working your way through War & Peace or watching Grease on your iPad!

Shop the Diner Book Couch here.

Flexistand Pro

As if our classic Flexistand isn’t enough, allow us to introduce the Flexistand Pro. This ultra slim, portable tablet, book and eReader stand is all you need for your commute or desk. Devices can be used vertically or horizontally so it’s perfect for video calls or catching up on your favourite Netflix shows on the go.

Shop our brand new Flexistand here.

Hot Lips Book Couch

Sensuous and stylish, the Hot Lips Book Couch is one of our favourite new products. Just like the rest of our book holders, the Hot Lips Book Couch is designed for hands free reading or for use as a cookery book stand. It can be placed comfortably. on your lap, or used to prop up an iPad while you scroll or watch movies.

Shop the Hot Lips Book Couch.