About Us


We began with bookholders. Our founder – Gary – was a student, finding reading a literal pain in the neck. "Use a bookholder," his physiotherapist said, and Gary dutifully went to buy one.

He bought the best he could find. But it didn’t look that great. It wasn’t well-designed. It didn’t even work properly.

So he created a better one – the deckchair Bookchair. Quirky, award-winning, and the start of a revolution in book accessory design.

We still professionally design our own stationery and accessories – now stocked by household-name distributors across dozens of countries. We set a high standard for our products. Many are market leaders. We’re proud of their quality, their combination of fun and function.

Customers, trade partners – it’s you we design for. So if there’s something you’d like to see in an upcoming range, or anything else we can help with, get in touch.